• Sugandha Gupta


We all know that AI is the future and so are drones. But have you ever wondered how these two can be interfaced for creating value at this point? Here’s what great they can bring together to your industry:

1. Autonomous flights: If drones are driven by AI, they can become autonomous. Thus, it can govern and control itself by its own, based on your requirements. Therefore, it can act as an advantage for all the industries that wish to decrease the workforce or reliance on human lives for various purposes. This also helps to improve efficiency as a drone needs no break!

2. Timely alerts using Computer Vision: Computer vision is simply the science of sensing, recognizing and processing information based on the surrounding. A drone driven by AI can help in sensing the facility, give alerts and feedback by recognizing characters through technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

3. Effective surveillance: An AI-driven drone can be proved to provide the most efficient surveillance for your property or business because it can sense from objects to people and help you monitor that things are working in the way you wanted!

4. Smarter models: If deployed smartly, an AI-driven drone model can be proved to offer you smarter business models for effective functioning. Pick and place, part handling, ground inspection and stack inspection are few of the million things drones can improve in your overall system.

5. Emergency situations: Locations that are difficult to reach, can be easily chased by a drone. A smart drone can sense the urgency of the situation and act accordingly. You can use a drone for delivering quick supplies during disasters or mishaps in your industry.

Thus, AI-driven drones can not only bring your industry forward in terms of technology, but also ease its functioning.

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