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Aiotize V/S Covid-19

They say necessity is the mother of innovation. In the times of the ‘touch-me-not’ environment, drones are the new best friends. As India continues to tackle the ongoing crisis, drones have the ability to play a key role in combating the coronavirus.

Aiotize is working alongside authorities providing services such as disinfecting contaminated areas, managing crowds, and delivering medical supplies.

Moreover, there is a danger of health workers getting infected, this can be avoided by using drones.

Using our Ai powered drones with thermal cameras & sensors, crowd scanning for potential carriers would be a great value add. These cameras provide the real-time heat signatures of the subjects to the backend which is programmed to apply thermal sensing analytics to the heat signature. If the temperature of any subject is beyond the threshold it would raise a flag to the authorities or healthcare units nearby.

In current scenarios & the difficult times, Aiotize pledges to help those who are fighting to eradicate the outbreak with its innovation & technology. It is our moral duty to give back to the society which has raised us when we started our mission.

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