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As the new years's ball dropped and we all celebrated and welcomed the new decade! As the days passed, a virus brewed  starting from china's streets to entire world ultimately. !Which was named COVID-19! Corona virus was found to be very dangerous to human lives and global economy as well. The entire country was locked and every one was working from home  saving economy and lives as well. In the mean time , the industry leaders were finding ways to limit the impact of virus on economy and discovered new ways to deploy drones. 1. Surveillance and monitoring- Drones were used to ensure people stay at their homes and also to broadcast the message and necessary information , Cameras and speakers are being used to keep an eye on the lock down violations . 2. Temperature check- Drones are equipped with specialized sensors to detect people with Covid-19 symptoms so that the virus can be stopped from spreading at an early stage. 3. Disinfecting common areas - In an effort to disinfect public areas , the local health authorities tested that agricultural drones can be very useful. Drones are filled with disinfectants and also the area and speed with which it works is much higher than manual work. 4.Medical supply & delivery- Using drones for delivery of groceries and medical supply limits the contact opportunities among people and also it is faster. Delivery drones picks up the order as the customer places an order using an application and then it is delivered at mentioned address.

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