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Role of AI in logistics

The field of artificial

intelligence has been growing

at an ever increasing rate. Its

ample applications have really

improvised the functioning of

various sectors in the market.

The emergence AI has

transformed the chaotic and

fragmented logistics market. In an increasingly complex and competitive

business world, companies operate under immense pressure to deliver

higher service levels at lower costs. Here comes the role of AI. It plays a

significant role to save time, reduce costs and increase productivity and

accuracy with cognitive automation. AI powered drones are deployed in

operations such as inventory management, and collecting and analyzing

information. Time spent in managing the shipments can be greatly

reduced and can also be efficient enough as it would not involve human


AI powered drones monitor the products transported and add all the

information to a database. This reduces the burden on logistics

accounting teams to process millions of invoices annually from

thousands of vendors, partners, or providers. In this manner truckloads

of unorganized data can be stored efficiently in an organised fashion that

help analysts make insights and predictions about the business.

Moreover, these drones track the path followed by the trucks and other

cargo vehicles and also use OCR(Optical Character Recognition)

technology to read and inspect the code on various articles. Apart from

this, there are many innovations that can be brought to logistics with the

help of AI and machine learning. Some of them include, unmanned

vehicles for supply chain, video analytics for making predictions,

dedicated robots for packaging etc.  Due to rapid growth of digitization

more and, more companies are adding AI to their supply chain in order

to maximize their resources by reducing the time and money spent on

track how, where and when to send a package to a certain place.

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